Feb 19, 2013 1:49 AM by Andy Koen

Pueblo Rep. Garcia breaks with party on 3 gun votes

DENVER - Among the handful of Democratic representatives voting against gun control measures Monday was freshman representative Leroy Garcia of Pueblo. He voted no on three of the four measures, only supporting the universal background check bill.

"We don't want criminals or people who shouldn't have guns possessing guns," Garcia said. "We want people to be responsible and universal background checks then tighten up those internet sales and other areas where people could get guns that maybe shouldn't have them."

Garcia says his decisions came as a direct result of the thousands of emails and phone calls he's received from constituents. He said House Bill 1226, which bans concealed firearms on college campuses, targets the wrong people.

"This is not the right approach to go after people who have gone through the training, have a permit which is authorized by the Sheriff for concealed carry," Garcia said. "We need to go after the areas to tighten up gun control through mental health, background checks and address where criminals have access."


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