Feb 1, 2011 2:31 PM by David Ortiviz

Pueblo schools stay open despite sub zero temps

From Denver to Colorado Springs, many school districts were closed today because of the bitter cold temperatures. However, in Pueblo, both District-70 and Pueblo City Schools were open with a two hour delay.

At Somerlid Elementary school, the temperature was -2 degrees as students arrived for class. Several parents were upset the districts didn't cancel school, some kept their children home anyway. "It's way too cold, zero degrees right now. We should have been able to stay home with the kids today," said Rebecca Boyle, a parent.

"When we make these decision, they're very tough decisions to make," said Maggie Lopez, Pueblo City Schools Superintendent. "We look at a variety of factors, we look at road conditions, we look at snowfall, we look at temperature, we talk to other surrounding districts and we try to make the best call possible," she added.

Despite the sub zeros temps, the superintendent says there were other factors to consider. "The roads were in good shape, as I talked to District 70 Administration we felt we okay to come to school," said Lopez. "We have many children that depend on the nutrition program in our schools for breakfast and lunch," she added.

In hindsight, News First 5 asked Lopez if she regrets her decision. "I think it was the right decision for the time, what we know is that our weather will continue for tomorrow, so we're taking a hard look and really monitoring temperatures to see what tomorrow bring," said Lopez.

Pueblo City Schools has canceled all after school athletics and student activities for this afternoon.

Pueblo District 70 will be on a 2 hour delay, with no AM kindergarten/preschool for tomorrow--Feb. 2. Connect Charter School has a 9:30 a.m. start time.

We'll let you know what Pueblo City Schools decide for tomorrow.


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