Nov 6, 2012 1:03 PM by Lacey Steele

Pueblo voters say everyone should get out and vote!

Everything seems to be going well here in Pueblo.

You can tell there are a few volunteers who seem to be a little stressed out, but when you ask how things are going, they just smile and say "It's an election."

Just remember all of the work they've put into this election, and be sure to thank them today when you vote!

Several voters made sure they came out to the convention center earlier today in Pubelo.

Here's what they had to say about voting in this tight race.

Most of them say it's all about the right to voice their opinion.

"Well you have to vote," said one voter at the Pueblo Convention Center. "That's the only way to determine who gets elected. If you don't vote, your vote doesn't count."

So if you want your voice heard, there's still time to head to your polling location to cast your ballot, no matter who you agree with.

"I am voting for change, voting for Romney," said a male voter earlier this morning.

"Because I want Barack Obama to win because he's for the poor people," said another voter.

With around 1.7 million early and mail in ballots already cast in the state, it's easy to see how important Colorado voters believe this election is for our nation.

"I think it's very important because we want the right person to be in office," said an Obama supporter.

"The country's got to make some big decisions," said a supporter of Romney. "I think we need some changes, and there are a lot of local issues that I think are important."

Many voters tell us they've had their minds made up for awhile.

"The debates didn't matter that much," said one voter. "It's the philosophy behind the driving political ideas of each party."

It is important to remember here in Pueblo County, there are several new and split precincts.

A few voters told us they went to places they've gone to for years only to find out it's no longer a polling location.

If you haven't voted yet and you plan on heading out, check out polling locations in Pueblo County by clicking here.


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