Oct 16, 2009 8:40 PM by David Ortiviz

Pueblo voters to decide mayor questions

Voters in Pueblo are deciding whether to change the city's form of government. There are two questions on the November ballot that would do just that.

A yes vote on ballot Question 300 would create a strong mayor position. A yes vote on Question No. 2A would create a weak mayor. Voting no on both questions, would keep the current city manager system in place.

Denver's John Hickenlooper is a strong mayor. On Friday, Mayor Hickenlooper was invited to speak with voters in Pueblo. He explained what he thinks is the great benefit of having a strong mayor. "You create stronger focus of accountability," said John Hickenlooper, mayor of Denver. "There's one person at the head of the tree where the buck stops," he added.

Pueblo's City Council President Vera Ortegon says the current system with a city manager and 7 council member with equal power is more democratic and transparent. "Leave things as they are now, they're running well, it has served us well for the last 55 years," said Vera Ortegon, Pueblo's City Council President.

Ballots are due to the Pueblo County Clerk's office by November 3.


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