Sep 27, 2013 8:06 PM by Andy Koen

Quarry pit served as retention pond during floods

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Pikeview Quarry in hillsides of Colorado Springs is right in the path of the runoff from the Waldo Canyon Burn Area. But unlike their neighbors at the Flying W Ranch, the quarry has held its ground during the drenching rains this month.

Mac Shafer is Vice President of Transit Mix Aggregates, the company who runs the quarry. He took us a tour of where the water flows both through and around his property.

Many of their retention ponds are collecting higher than average levels of silt and sediment and need to be cleared at least once a year. But the quarry pit itself is actually holding back a lot of the runoff.

"There is a hole that is 1,800 feet by 300 feet by roughly 100 feet at the base of that mountain that is basically a big swimming pool," Shafer said.

The quarry was evacuated two weeks ago when Shafer said there were water falls pouring into the pit.

Much of the limestone in the quarry has absorbed water and Shafer expects that water freeze this winter causing the rock to break. For now, there's been no significant damage.

For safety sake, Shafer says they are continually measuring the movement of a 2008 rockslide in the older terraced parts of the quarry.

"For us, it's a matter of keeping the monitors working and seeing if we get any additional movement out of it."


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