Mar 1, 2012 5:21 AM by Kirsten Bennett

"Rabbit ears" make a comeback

They were long thought to be a thing of the past, but rooftop antennas are making a comeback thanks to high cable and satellite prices and online programming options.

Years ago, the rooftop antenna was the only way to get a television signal and with them came the "rabbit ears" to strengthen that signal indoors.

As cable and satellite came along, the over-the-air reception disappeared, but as subscription costs go up, more people are trading back. Now those antennas are digital and high definition. Pair the soaring costs with Internet services streaming all the channels you once paid for and many people are deciding to scale back if not eliminate their television contracts.

If the cost to replace the infrastructure is a concern, turns out antennas sold by specialized dealers run between $60 and $100 dollars. Those same dealers say when companies announce they are expanding their news services online, they notice a higher volume of calls to get antennas re-installed.

While they are seeing a spike, the Federal Communications Commission says 90 percent of Americans still get their channels through cable and satellite.


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