Apr 22, 2013 7:46 PM by Bill Folsom

Rabies risk going up with temperatures

We are at the end of cold and flu season, but with warmer temperatures ahead there is a warning to guard against rabies. "There is a seasonality to many diseases and rabies is one of them," said Shannon Rowe with El Paso County Public Health."

After decades of absence a dangerous form of rabies showed back up in eastern Colorado a few years ago. It is called skunk rabies, but despite the name it can also be transmitted through animals like fox and raccoons. Cases start to show up in the spring and summer so it is best to protect your pets and livestock now.
"If your pets aren't vaccinated for rabies and the skunk is rabid and they get into a fight, your pet's at risk of getting rabies. And in turn at risk of giving it to you because they live in the house with you."


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