Feb 11, 2010 10:39 AM by Bea Karnes, News First 5

Record snowfall in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia

Millions of Americans awoke to literally mountains of snow.

Stuff people around Washington have never seen.

Dan Selario of Vienna, Virginia said, "This is something we can all tell our grandkids about, we lived through it."

By nightfall it was the wind, shifting snow sideways into massive drifts.

Snow plows were called in from southern Virginia to help.

Brad Suggs, a snow plow driver from Smithville, Virginia said, "It's a whole different ball game up here from what I'm used to down there."

Some drivers did venture out.

The volume of 911 calls and getting to them have been major challenges for first responders.

Montgomery County Fire Chief Richard Bowers said, "This is of epic proportions if you will."

Massive pileups in Virginia and dozens of cars stacked up in Pennsylvania closed interstates.

Truck driver James Benge said, "The truck in front of me jack-knifed. I tried to stop. Couldn't, and after that it was one big reaction after another."

The Federal Government is closed for a fourth straight day.



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