Oct 14, 2009 10:26 PM by Matt Stafford

Remembering the Fallen

You could see it on the faces of those in attendance; they didn't want to be there under the circumstances.  However, as Major Daniel Chandler with the 4th Brigade Combat Team told News First 5 it helps with the closure.


"It really helps us to honor their service, and to help the unit to become strong and move forward," says Chandler.


The 450 seats in the chapel were filled, and many stood for the ceremony to honor the six fallen soldiers from Fort Carson.


From the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team were First Lieutenant Tyler Parten, Staff Sergeant Randy Haney, Sergeant Youvert Loney and Private First Class Matthew Wildes. Also, Sergeant David Davis of the 43rd Sustainment Brigade and Private First Class William Meredith of the 555th Engineer Brigade.


"You don't expect him to go down in battle, but he did," says Lona Parten, mother of First Lieutenant Tyler Parten.


As much as the loss hurts, family members can take pride in the bravery and dedication of their soldiers.


Lona Parten says "I remember saying don't go first.  He said, "Mom, they're not going to follow me if I don't go first."  I knew then there's a chance he wasn't coming back."


It's a realization that many have trouble grasping, but family members say moving forward is what their loved one would have wanted.


"He never wanted you to be sad, so he'd look at us right now and say, come on guys, let's go do something fun, you don't need to be sad."


Support is also important to many during the closure process.


"Losing any solider is difficult," says Major Chandler. "The great thing about Fort Carson and the Colorado Springs community is that we really support each other." 


Its support the families can hold on to, and the community can take pride in.


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