Jan 16, 2011 12:09 AM by John Romero

Remote start may increase car security

It's a bad habit a whole lot of us are guilty of... starting your car on a cold winter day and walking away. Under Colorado law it's illegal to leave any car idling. But some technology may make doing just that your best bet.

Most remote car starters actually include extra security in case of a break in. "If someone gets in your vehicle and tries to put it in gear to take off, the second they hit the brake to come out of park it's going to go ahead and kill the vehicle." explains Charles Webster of Performance Auto Sound. Most of the remote systems actually have 2 or more built in security systems.

Is it illegal to use a remote car starter to warm up your car while you're not there? Technically yes. But police we spoke to say the law is more designed to stop those who leave their keys in the ignition and walk away, which contributes to the more than 12,000 cars stolen statewide every year. If you use remote start and keep your car locked, chances are a cop will use their best judgment and let you pass.



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