Jan 27, 2010 4:58 PM by Bea Karnes, News First 5

Report from Haiti: Local doctors volunteering

News reports of the devastation in Haiti and the suffering of the people inspired a group of Colorado Springs doctors to drop everything and fly to Haiti to help. The doctors from Memorial Hospital are on the ground in the Caribbean Island-nation. Some got there at their own expense; others received a helping hand from Bob Penkhus Motors, which provided a private plane.

Broadmoor Community Church is accepting donations to support the work of the medical personnel. If you'd like to contribute, here's the address:

Broadmoor Community Church
315 Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-3695
(write "Haiti Medical Mission" on checks)

One of the doctors, Dr. Rick Meinig, sent text messages about their efforts:

January 25th, 3:20 PM On ground! Copters, jets, military everywhere. Deafening...Cloudy, humid.

3:40 Nice locals...CDIT [ Centre Hospitalier du Sacre-Coeur; the hospital Rick is working with, I think] on way for pick up. 4:25 PM 9 people and 770 pounds of supplies in Nissan jeep!!

5:3PM We are in our night quarters. It's a`private house that is also used as a church. Stifling heat, acrid dust and smoke in the air. We have running water, a kitchen, and toilet. Everybody sleeps outside. Heaps of rubble and people everywhere walking, hanging onto trucks, stuffed into tap-taps - a wild taxi- There are hand painted signs everywhere "we need help". A few folks from Summit County are here and are heading to a hospital to work the night. We will deploy tomorrow- lots of wounds and untreated fractures. The injured show up in random waves. We have the endless drone of a generator and a spotted dog to keep us company. Need to have you work on getting us home next Sunday. We have a palette of bottled water so that is good! Humanity is amazingly resilient and that is inspiring. People just want some basic comforts.

6:15 PM Friendship bracelets are a hit! Lovely group of girls took a handful. They are sleeping outside :(

8:00PM We're off to bed. Mosquito netting hung and Deet applied. Sea breeze and what sounds like hymns sung by families out somewhere in the dark. Moon is high overhead. Despite the horrors people come together...

January 26th 5:30 AM Slept OK! Woke up to roosters and the sunrise. Random as to what stands and what is utterly flat. Likely to deploy to differing locations. We are very safe! Probably going to a protected field hospital today.

8:30 AM We are at International School Grounds. Lots of army, seebees , volunteers.

2:30 PM Hectic day morphing into busy night. New command center evolving to coordinate medical teams from Germany, US, etc. Al [Allen Bach] and I went on a pick up truck to some of the tent cities where we did wound care, fracture casting and triage. Paul [Rahill] and Justine [ Crowley] are going to CDTI to operate until

11PM. Al and I go to CDTI to operate from 6 AM until 11. The hospital is closed during the night! Rick said he slept well, and although there were tremors last night he slept through them; no big surprise to anyone who knows him.



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