Aug 30, 2013 8:24 PM by Andy Koen

Reports call for new protocols on ankle monitoring

DENVER - Governor John Hickenlooper and Depart of Corrections Executive Director Rick Raemisch said at a news conference Friday the recommendations listed in a pair of reports on the state prison system will serve as guide for making the system safer in the future. "I think part of what this report lays out is a concept for continuous improvement," Hickenlooper said. "We're not going to say all right we're here and we're going to stop. We're going to say we're here but where do we need to be in six months, where do we need to be in 12 months." The reports were prepared by the US Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections. One specifically offers reforms for electronic ankle monitoring devices. It recommends the Department prepare a hierarchy of alerts to give parole officers better guidance on how to respond. It also calls for establishing better collaboration with local law enforcement to help respond to high priority alerts. The ankle monitoring program has come under heightened public scrutiny following the murder of former Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements by parolee Evan Ebel. Ebel slipped off his ankle monitor, but it took parole officers 5 days after the alert was sent to begin looking for him. "What the report recommended is that, and something that has not been done frankly that needs to be done, is that there needs to be more direction for the parole officers within those policies involving monitoring," Raemisch said Another major recommendation creating individual case plans for every convict in the system to track and address potential problems before releasing inmate back into society. "That's a big part of this too, is to ensure that they succeed in the community. That's the goal."  


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