Apr 3, 2014 12:37 AM by Maddie Garrett

Retired Lt. General on Ripple Effects of Ft. Hood Shooting

The ripple effects of the shooting at Fort Hood are being felt here in our community and at Fort Carson. The Mountain Post is on heightened security, with extra safety measures being taken at the gates for the foreseeable future.

But retired Army Lieutenant General Ed Anderson said the effects will be felt Army-wide, and will cut much deeper for our soldiers on an emotional level.

"I think the most obvious question is how could this happen, given what happened in 2009," said Anderson.

He said his heart goes out to the soldiers and their families impacted.

"You know at home we thought we'd be safe, over there that's not the expectation," said Anderson of soldiers. "So it's going to be a tough situation for them as they try to look back here and say now what should have I done, what could we have done?"

As a high ranking officer, he knows the ripple effect the shooting will have on security and procedures at our local installations.

"This is not something that you take lightly, this is very, very serious. And they must and will do everything they can to make sure that they're prepared and it doesn't happen again," said Anderson.

He also understands the emotional impacts this second shooting at Fort Hood will have on soldiers everywhere.

"We feel we are family," he said.

Anderson knows the pain the soldiers and their families are going through not only at Fort Hood, but those in our community, especially if they've been stationed in Texas at Fort Hood.

"These soldiers have been through a lot," he said. "And they have seen a lot of death and injury and violence and those kinds of things, but what's tough is when you see it on your own, to your own folks, that is hard to comprehend."

Anderson said the primary question at Fort Carson, Shriever AFB, Peterson AFB, Cheyenne AFS and the Air Force Academy is could this happen here? And what would they do?

Anderson explained that all high ranking officers consider safety at the installations their top priority, and will be re-evaluating their security and contingency plans once the investigation into the Fort Hood shooting is complete.


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