Jan 13, 2012 6:33 PM by Andy Koen

Robbery suspects leave path of destruction

A trio of armed robbery suspects left a trail of destruction through Colorado Springs Friday morning as they tried to avoid capture. Officers say at around 8:30 this morning two men with guns followed an employee into the Bowie's Gold and Diamonds on E. Pikes Peak Avenue. They men robbed the store and pistol whipped the employee.

Minutes later it appeared officers had trapped the vehicle in a cul-de-sac on Hennessy Court when the driver suddenly rammed through a chain link fence into the backyard of one house then crashed through a wooden fence into the yard of another.

After running over a second chain link fence, the vehicle clipped the corner of a house on Arrawanna Court where Larry Moreno's mother is usually on the computer.

"Today she just didn't feel like playing so she stayed in her room and like 3 minutes later boom, boom that's all she heard," Moreno said. "She came down and they said they seen the car driving out through the front yard and so she got very lucky."

As the wrecked Ford Expedition sped across the Moreno's driveway, the driver sheered off a fire hydrant in front of the house. The suspects eventually ditched the vehicle a block away on Mission Street and tried to get away on foot.

Mark Gritton watched the rest from his apartments on De Cortez St.

"We're standing out here and all I hear is "get down, get down, get down" and they tackled this guy in the backyard over here by this blue house."

The widespread destruction alarmed police department spokeswoman Barbara Miller.

"For someone to have total disregard for their safety and their home, which is your biggest possession is really sad for them," Miller said.

But Gritton and the other neighbors don't seem fazed.

"Way things are nowadays that's normal anymore," Gritton said. "There ain't no neighborhood safe around here."

Kenny Mata manages an apartment complex near Moreno's house.
"This has to be probably the... fourth time now that a car was dumped there," Mata said. "I'm hoping these are the people that have been doing it that way it won't happen over there again."

Officers recovered the stolen jewelry. Obdulio Arvelo, 51, Julio Castro, 48, and Moises Garduno, 20, were all taken into custody. They are likely face a slew of charges ranging from robbery and assault to reckless driving.

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