Dec 19, 2013 6:31 PM by Matt Prichard

Robertson kick-starts local debate

Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson is drawing the eyes of the nation after several comments he made during an interview with GQ Magazine.

"The good part is corporate America and our population in this country aren't standing for it anymore, so by making those comments he also accepts the consequences," said Executive Director of Colorado Springs Pride, Charles Irwin.

The interview had Robertson making his opinions known about the homosexual lifestyle and has prompted a difference of opinion across the area.

"This is a man that's known for making outlandish comments and for having prayer at the end of his program. So it's clear he's a Christian and that he holds these views," said Focus on the Family spokeswoman, Carrie Gordon Earll.

A&E announced Thursday that Robertson was suspended from the program which is also drawing mixed opinion.

"It's really sad that A&E dropped him from the program like that, and to cause this kind of controversy out of those comments," said Earll.

"I'm very pleased that A&E said, nope you're done. And we're not going to have that type of bigotry or those kind of statements on our network," said Irwin.

The star said in the interview that quote, "sin isn't logical my man. It's just not logical." Which leaves the jury out on his true intentions.

"I don't know about you but I don't know very many gods that want to perpetuate hate, and that's exactly what he's doing," said Irwin.

"When you look at Phil Robertson's full message, that's what he's doing! He's preaching the gospel of Christ and he's doing so in his heart, in love," said Earll.

The next season of Duck Dynasty has already been taped and is expected in early 2014, with no word on if Robertson will be featured.



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