Jan 18, 2010 9:46 PM by David Ortiviz

Rocky Ford company donates water purifiers to Haiti

People in Haiti are running out of many supplies including perhaps the most essential, clean drinking water. But some relief will arrive tomorrow from Colorado.

A company in Rocky Ford is sending more than a dozen water purifiers to the island nation. Innovative Water Technologies says its goal is to get as many of these units to Haiti before water borne diseases start spreading causing more deaths. "We initially had talked of 40 or 50 units going, but the need is a lot more than that," said Jack Barker, President of Innovative Water Technologies.

The water purifier is solar powered and can pump water from any source such as a pond, lake or river.  The water goes through two filters and comes out clean. The company says one unit can produce about four gallons of water every minute--that's about 240 gallons of water per hour. "Every drop coming out is not only safe to drink, but it's crystal clear," said Barker.

Plus, with the airport in Haiti jammed he says this is a faster way to deliver water. "It's equal to sending 19,000 bottles of water a day, per unit," said Barker. "Imagine the logistics of getting water in any other way, so let's treat what they have," he added.

Barker says his company will deliver and install the units once a week for as many weeks as it takes--knowing water is crucial for survival and time is of the essence.

One units costs $25,000 to build. General Electric and Pentair paid for some of the units along with Innovative Water Technologies.


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