Jul 13, 2014 9:01 PM by Lena Howland

Rocky Ford theater reopens after flood

The show must go on for the Grand Theater of Rocky Ford after dealing with record rainfall last night... flooding Main Street.

"It was all underwater, looked like a river coming through here," John Miller, a projectionist at the Grand Theater said.

A scary night for nearly 100 movie-goers at the Grand Theater.

"The water just kept getting closer and closer to the door, so there wasn't a whole lot we could do," Mike Shima, Assistant Manager of the Grand Theater said.

As folks left their evening movie in this theater, they were greeted with high waters almost up to their knees.

"We had water out in the middle of the street that came up across this curb, the sidewalk, all the way over to here," Miller said.

The high waters made things difficult for folks to get back to their cars.

"People were taking their shoes off because they're trying to get to their cars and wading the water," Miller said.

"The water came up on the front to the top of the tire but it's slanted so they didn't have much problem getting into the car, but getting to the car was a little bit more of the problem," Shima said.

Despite the flooding up against business doors, the theater is still in good shape... with only minor amounts of water getting into the entrance.

"It kept getting closer and closer and we got brooms out and tried to sweep it so it wouldn't come in but it got in a little bit," Shima said.

And the storm drains... too small to handle the amount of water rushing through.

"We came out to check the drains and they weren't really clogged, it was just the amount of water that came down," he said.

The Grand Theater of Rocky Ford welcomed a full crowd to the theater Sunday evening and they are still open for business every weekend.


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