Mar 1, 2010 11:26 PM by Abby Lane, Bea Karnes, News First 5

Ruling: Woman's head to go into cryonic storage

A Colorado Springs family has lost a battle with an Arizona cryonics company over the head and brain of their family member. Judge Barbara Hughes ruled Monday morning that a contract signed by Mary Robbins remains in effect. This means that Alcor, which has packed Robbins' head in dry ice since her death, will take custody of her remains.

Robbins died of cancer Feb. 9. Her family says she changed her mind about cryonics shortly before her death and entered a hospice.  She signed a change of beneficiary, which would have taken $50,000 from her estate and given it to Alcor.  The judge ruled a change of beneficiary did not void her agreement with Alcor.

Alcor will preserve Robbins' head and brain indefinitely, in hopes that future technology may be able to bring her back to life and restore her health.

Daughter Darlene has 72 hours to appeal.  Mary Robbins' body remains packed in dry ice in a Colorado Springs funeral home pending the outcome of the legal battle.

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