Dec 24, 2009 10:56 AM by Nicole Vandeputte

Same suspect for two disturbing crimes

Two brutal crimes in two cities. A man murdered in Pueblo County, and an elderly woman tased in Colorado Springs. Authorities arrested one man, suspected of both crimes. Aaron Wilkerson could face charges in several other robberies in Colorado Springs.

The man who was killed in Pueblo is the brother-in-law of Fountain Police Chief Dan Corsentino. Corsentino also once held the title of Pueblo County Sheriff. Tonight, he spoke to us without a badge; just a man who's lost a part of his family.

Robert Piserchio, a well known Denturist, was found beaten and burned in his home in Pueblo County on December 10. His murder devastates his family. Corsentino says, "I think the family obviously asks the question why? Why could anyone kill another human being? What possible kind of value is there in life to take Somebody's else life?"

To find the killer, Pueblo County Sheriffs execute a dozen search warrants, and interview at least 60 people. Sheriff Kirk Taylor says, "What we do have is evidence of a robbery at the Piserchio home. We do have a direct link of Mr. Wilkerson to that home during that robbery."

Sheriff Taylor says there is so much evidence that needed processing, that the home was still considered an active crime scene up until yesterday.

Colorado Springs Police also had their eye on Aaron Wilkerson. Just a couple days before Piserchio's murder, Wilkerson's suspected of tasing a 61 year old woman while stealing her purse. It happened outside the Office Max on Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard.

Pueblo County Sheriff's, and Colorado Springs Police joined forces with the FBI. They used surveillance to track Wilkerson. Just after midnight Wednesday he was caught in north Colorado Springs. Lt. David Whitlock with Colorado Springs Police says, "To know that we may have also gotten the person responsible for what was a horrible crime in Pueblo makes this a big victory for law enforcement today."

Corsentinto says, "It's a positive first step. I think there are other pieces to the puzzle that are going to reveal themselves." So, those who love Piserchio will wait, and, hopefully get some answers. "It's a tough time with Christmas, and the reflections. We'll just see what happens here in the coming days," says Corsentino.

 There are still a lot of pieces to this puzzle. Authorities are still looking for Matthew (Green) Barnes in connection with Piserchio's death. If you have any information contact Pueblo County Sheriff's Office (719) 583-6200.

Less than two weeks before Piserchio's death, his wallet was stolen. He said the suspects were three women. They have not been found, but his credit card was apparently used in Colorado Springs.

Wilkerson's being held in Colorado Springs. He's also a suspect in several other robberies in the city.


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