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Jun 6, 2012 10:52 AM

Savage Kitchen - Cliff House All About Wines

It's all about white wines for those fresh summer meals.


Domaine de la Pepier Muscadet "Sevre et Maine"

Known for their old Melon de Bourgogne vines and a hands-off wine making style (i.e. light sulphur dioxide, wild yeast fermentation, minimal filtration, etc.)

Body: Light body pairs well with delicate dishes (doesn't overwhelm subtleties)

Creamy, rich, texture mirrors youthful cheeses. (Sur lee)

High acidity compliments tomatoes (and cleanses richness)

Flavor: Fresh white pear and green apple fruit add depth to your entrée.

Briny, low-tide minerality beg for a seafood partner.

Creamy, complex, sur lee aging mirrors the flavor and texture of cheese.

Crushed seashell flavors (chalky/salty) - simply made for shellfish dishes.


Grove Mill Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough)

Known for some of the highest quality of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling in New Zealand as well as being the first carboNZero winery in the world. (They're not leaving a footprint, they're cleaning up ours)

Body: Light bodied, yet engaging with powerful fruit and razor sharp focus.

(Will not be overwhelmed by tomatoes, etc.)

Again, high acidity cleanses the richness of cheese.

Flavor: Tropical fruit, passion fruit, gooseberry, capsicum herbaceousness.

(Ads a strong fruit influence while revealing the dishes subtleties.)



Flavor: Strawberries and Meyer lemons (strawberry lemonade) complement the

fruit components of the pork. A hint of orange blossom adds depth to the

dish.Very refreshing and light on its feet, this wine will dance all day long



Carl Graff Urziger Wurzgarten Spatelese Riesling

A highly acclaimed winery located on steep, south facing slopes in the

Mosel Valley of Germany.


Body: Although generally considered a light bodied wine, Riesling, especially

from the Mosel Valley enjoys concentrated orchard fruit, dense minerality, a slightly viscous sweetness balanced by bright, cleansing acidity.

These components combine to create a white wine with enough body and

character to pair well with heavier entrées.


Flavor: Peach blossom and tangy green apple flavors complement the papaya and

lime components of this dish. Minerality and earthiness pair well with the

spice qualities. A touch of sweetness supports the weight of the lamb,

while fresh acidity cleanses the palate of heavier, grilled flavors.




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