Jun 11, 2014 1:48 PM by Elaine Sheridan

Search for soldier's missing dog goes viral

A social media campaign to help a Fort Carson soldier find his dog has gone viral.

It started with a simple Craiglist ad plea from the soldier and his family, hoping that someone would recognize Baxter, a rare Shiba Inu, and return him.

The ad claimed that the soldier, Robert Gabbert left his dog with a girlfriend when he was deployed to Afghanistan and while he was gone, the dog was sold.

Gabbert's father, Bob Gabbert told News 5 that the girlfriend agreed to keep the dog when his son was deployed 9 months ago, but after a few months the unnamed girlfriend was having a hard time keeping the dog. Gabbert said his son made arrangements to have Baxter shipped home to his parents in Ohio, but she sold the dog instead.

"We don't want to get the girl in trouble or anything", said Gabbert's father, Bob Gabbert. " We just want to get Baxter back. His is part of the family and we just love that little dog. He means so much to my son," Gabbert added.

Gabbert says that when Baxter didn't make it home, his son called his now ex-girlfriend and she said that she sold the dog to a family in Colorado Springs in May, but she didn't remember who she sold the dog to. Since then,  the girlfriend has not returned calls to the family. So they have very little information.

Baxter is a 3-year old Shiba Inu that weighs about 25 pounds. The family says they are willing to pay whoever has him for all costs they have incurred while keeping Baxter.

Volunteers have set up a Facebook page and are distributing flyers at vet clinics, dog parks, and pet stores around the city. They say that they feel that Gabbart has sacrificed so much, he shouldn't have to sacrifice his best friend too.

If you know where Baxter is, you can call the News 5 news desk at (719) 577-4650, or email us at and we will pass along your information to the family.


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