Mar 1, 2012 8:53 AM by Kate Richards, Ophelia Young

Secret shopper for gun training programs

State lawmakers have spent the last month considering making it legal to carry a gun without a permit, and one man is trying to fight the possibility of increased gun accidents. "Frank" is a secret shopper for gun training programs. "I concentrate on beginner gun classes, pretend that I'm a beginner and just take the class," Frank said.
"Frank" is, in fact, a certified NRA instructor. He has taken six classes across Colorado Springs and ranks them according to standards he learned from the NRA. he began doing this after taking a class in 2009. "I spend $175 for it," "Frank" says, "It was supposed to be a 10-hour class with four hours on the range. It turned out to be a six hour class with two hours on the range. And we fired a total of 31 shots. And with no training only one person on the range to over see us." He says he basically just paid for a permit. He didn't learn much.
"Most of the classes in this area do not prepare people on the safety basis, ethical basis, legal basis or even on a moral basis," "Frank" says. He believes it's too easy to get a permit here in Colorado. The Sheriff's Office says there is no standard to getting a permit--just a certificate is needed, which "Frank" says is supposed to come with training, but nowadays is really just sold without any. "I think they're doing it simply to make a profit," "Frank" said.
Lawmakers have been considering making it legal to carry a gun without a permit. "Frank" says he has to continue this work to train as many gun carriers as changing programs.
"I do believe part of the effect will be that they will take their training more seriously, that they will realize that they are putting people on the streets with concealed weapons that have no business being there."





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