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Sep 24, 2009 4:26 PM by Bea Karnes

Security Guard - AFA

Serves as a Security Guard to protect Federally owned or leased buildings and property from hazards such as sabotage, trespass, theft, fire, and accidental or willful damage and destruction. Protect and prevent loss of materials or processes that are important for national defense, public health or safety, or as national treasures. Patrol buildings, facilities, or areas to prevent theft or damage to federal property. Detains individuals if possible, using force if necessary. Respond to violations and duress alarms. Participate in disaster and riot control situations. Control personnel access to buildings, facilities, or areas. Issues visitor passes or denies entrance to persons without proper identification.

This job was posted on Wednesday. The deadline to apply is Friday.
Salary: $19,500 - $44,500

Security Guard



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