Mar 4, 2014 7:11 PM by Greg Dingrando

Security remains high priority for Paralympic Games

COLORADO SPRINGS -The 2014 Paralympic Winter Games are just three days away and once again security is a hot topic and the recent political unrest between Russia and the Ukraine is only adding to the concern. 

The Paralympic Games don't get the world wide attention the regular Olympic games get and because of that many are wondering if security is still going to be a top priority.

The U.S. Olympic Committee said they aren't too worried.

"Our security team never even left Russia. They continue to operate there every day. The Russians are planning the same level of security for the Paralympics as they did for Olympics so we think its going to be same smooth process as we had for Olympic games," said Patrick Sandusky with the USOC.

In fact, it might go even smoother considering there's that many less athletes and fans. More importantly, the security staff already knows what to expect.

"I think everybody from the organizing committee to our own staff have the Olympic games history behind them so it can only be an upside to have that as we lead into Paralympic Games," said Sandusky.

But one thing they didn't have during the Olympics is the growing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Sandusky said it shouldn't be an issue.

"Sochi is a very different area. Its far away from what's happening in Ukraine so for us we think its going to go off without a problem and hopefully have a very good games and have some athletes that have some great moments," said Sandusky.

All of the U.S. paralympians will be competing in the games, but they will not be accompanied by the U.S. Presidential delegation. President Obama decided to keep them home in response to the Ukraine crisis.



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