Apr 23, 2014 6:32 PM by Leah Kraus

Selling a house quickly can depend on price

New numbers released from the Colorado Association of Realtors show home sales in the Pike's Peak region have fallen in recent months.

They follow a national trend -- last month, sales of existing homes fell to their lowest level in nearly two years.

Realtor Mike MacGuire calls the market active, but also "price sensitive." He says the market sees surges with a lot of activity and then dropoffs.

His best advice if you're trying to sell a home is to get a lot of exposure.

"Buyers are going through Zillow and Trulia and and they want to get information," he says. "If there's any kind of hold up to that person getting information they won't get the showing."

The median price right now for a home in the area is about $250,000 with the most popular range being $180,000 to $300,000.

Mortgage bankers say now is the perfect time to buy -- mortgage lending is tight and there's plenty of good deals for first time homebuyers.

"This is the time to go ahead and pull the trigger and try to get yourself into a situation where you can have the ability to buy," says Shannon Scott, a mortgage banker.



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