Dec 2, 2013 5:51 PM by Kirsten Boyd

Sen. Mark Udall responds to Amazon drone announcement

Senator Mark Udall, D-Colorado, is responding with caution after Amazon announced the development of drone delivery.

In a statement to News 5, Udall says the announcement underscores the need to update privacy laws to ensure private-sector drone technology is developed responsibly and does not violate Americans' privacy rights.

"Amazon's experimental drone delivery system is just the latest example of how unmanned aerial systems have the potential to change everything from retail shipping to search and rescue missions," Udall said. "As more businesses embrace this innovative and job-creating technology, we must ensure that our laws and regulations keep pace. Coloradans will accept this technology only if they are certain their privacy is protected and that Americans won't be victims of surveillance or privacy abuse by private unmanned aerial system operators."


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