Mar 20, 2013 11:55 PM by Matt Stafford

Sequestration protest outside of Rep. Lamborn's office

Across the country Wednesday people rallied, upset with federal budget cuts.

"Repeal sequestration! Repeal sequestration!" a group in Colorado Springs chanted outside of Congressman Doug Lamborn's office.

Several of the protestors were government employees of various forms. They say they'll face big problems if the cuts and furloughs continue.

"It's not just going to hurt 27,000 people right here in El Paso County, but it's going to hurt small business owners, it's going to hurt our economy by dragging down the amount of money these well paid workers can spend right here in El Paso County," says Chuck Bader, Vice President of the Colorado AFL-CIO.

Congressman Lamborn voted against the 2011 Budget Control Act, which set up the committee that designed the sequester. Lamborn says he didn't believe the Budget Control Act brought enough structural change to the government, and he's concerned about the level of defense cuts.

While Congressman Lamborn is a local Republican, keep in mind that the sequestration cuts of more than $109 billion this year, including $55 billion to defense, was agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans in Congress as part of the Budget Control Act. That act raised the debt ceiling along with forming the committee that designed sequestration.

The cuts became law after that congressional super committee failed to reach a deal last year on deficit reduction, and the cuts went into effect March 1st. Efforts continue in congress to try and reduce the impact and restore more money to some federal programs.


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