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Several car thefts reported over the past week in Colorado Springs

A number of car thefts were reported over the last week in Colorado Springs continuing a trend that's been seen over the past several weeks.

Just after midnight on Sunday two people were seen trying to break into vehicles on the 3000-block of Jet Wing Drive. Officers spotted a suspicious man and woman, when they attempted to take them into custody they got into a struggle with the man. Nicholas Revello, 22, was arrested on multiple warrants and a juvenile female was released to her parents.

On Tuesday morning Trisha Moynihan received a call that her green 1990 Mustang was missing from the parking lot of her workplace at the intersection of Union and Academy Boulevards where she had left it on Monday night.

"At first we thought it was towed, but then we looked at the surveillance and it was stolen," Moynihan described. "Never thought leaving it there overnight for one night was going to cause somebody to think it was a good time to steal it."

Moynihan showed the security camera footage to News 5, a tall white male in baggy clothes can be seen walking up to her car at around 3 a.m. on Tuesday. He spends a few minutes struggling to pry open the convertible top on her car before finally getting in and driving off.

"It was locked it was and it was in a well-lit parking area right in front of the light right in front of a security camera," she described.

Officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department say taking common sense actions like locking doors, removing or hiding valuables, parking in well-lit areas and using security systems are helpful as deterrents, but might not ward off determined thieves. They say the best defense is keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.

"If you do see anybody in a parking lot or in a driveway going up and down the street and their looking in cars and they're trying to open up door handles than absolutely give us a call," explained Sgt. Felicia Low.

Also, people should pay attention to reports about stolen vehicles and call police if they spot a vehicle matching the description.

"If you see it please just call CrimeStoppers or the police or anybody so I can get it back," pleaded Trisha Moynihan.

Moynihan is offering a reward for any information leading to the return of her car and/or the arrest of the man who stole it. It is a rare 1990 "7-Up" Mustang that is painted in the color of a 7-Up can.



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