Dec 18, 2012 6:42 PM by Lacey Steele

Several move from Wetmore after October wildfire

We still may not know the full effect of that devastating fire in the tiny town of Wetmore.

Two months after a fire ripped through town, the only change is the snow on the ground.

There are still signs all over Wetmore of the fire that consumed 15 homes: charred rocks, burned logs, and trees that look more like toothpicks in the snow.

"Well the fire could have been much worse, that's true enough, but the people who fought the fire did a good job," said Dale Falske, a Wetmore resident.

Out of those 15 homes, no one is rebuilding yet.

We found some don't plan to rebuild, and others have already moved away.

Several residents we spoke to say they understand why some would leave.

They say there's nothing in Wetmore besides the store and the post office, but others say they love their small town.

"It's just a nice, quiet, little country town," said Falske. "It can offer families privacy and a healthy place to raise their kids. There's not much in the way of commerce, but that's not why we live here."

Many told us they're sad to see their neighbors go.

That fire in Wetmore burned almost two thousand acres.



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