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Nov 6, 2013 5:30 PM by Andy Koen

Sheriff defends deputies in McFadyen incident

PUEBLO - The Pueblo County Sheriffs Office says it supports the actions of their deputies to not press charges against County Commissioner Liane "Buffie" McFadyen or Pueblo County Democratic Party Chairman Ron Greenwell. The deputies were called to a dirt parking lot at the intersection of Swallows Road and U.S. Highway 50 on a report of a suspicious vehicle back on January 25.

McFadyen greeted them outside of the car and later admitted to the deputies that she had drank a glass of wine earlier in the night. When she indicated that Greenwell would drive her home, the deputy asked him whether he had anything to drink and he said "no." Greenwell then consented to taking a Breathalyzer test which recorded his blood alcohol level of 0.10. The deputy then encouraged both McFadyen and Greenwell to make phone calls to arrange for transportation.

The following statement was posted on the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

Facebook friends- In response to inquiries made concerning the actions of one of our deputies we offer the following... Law enforcement is not an assembly line of responses. It is most often an inquiry or response when life or property is in danger. Responding to a suspicious vehicle is a preliminary investigation and deputies are trained to make a corresponding judgment call based on the totality of the circumstances presented. A deputy may choose to take no action when the facts presented indicate there are no laws violated, there are no victims, no complainant and no eye witness account. It is a decision that falls within the deputy's discretion and in this case was not second guessed. In this 9 month old contact, it was actually three deputies who concluded the circumstances justified the response. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office supports their decision.

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