Mar 22, 2010 9:26 PM by Matt Stafford

Shhhh! Special surprise in store for a special soldier

There's a big surprise coming up in Southern Colorado. A soldier is getting an extra special "thanks" for his service.

News First 5 is only giving out some of the story now, in order to hopefully keep the surprise, well, a surprise. The story of this soldier and his family will be told after the secret is out.

However, there's another story for now, one of the people willing to give their time to say thanks.

Kevin Rohr is an electrician from Denver who is doing some work off the clock and for free. He's never met the person whose home he's working on, but he knows the works for a soldier injured in war. Rohr was a soldier too, and served in Bosnia.

"For me to have the chance to help out a former soldier who came back injured, that's special to me, that's something important," Rohr says as he finishes installing some lighting.

Community networking let the volunteers in on the story of the family that lives in the home that's getting a makeover. The volunteers say the number of people that get involved with these types of projects is growing, it they are happy to see it. That grows the network, and gives them more stories like this one to help out with.

That how this project got started. The story of this soldier and his family was told to these guys, and they felt they needed to help.

"When I found out he was leaving for Walter Reed I thought we'd put a surprise together for him," says Tom Tarver, another Denver electrician who has come to help.

They're re-doing the soldier's basement while he's gone, a project his family says he's been working on awhile. However, because of his injury, he can only use one hand. Even so, some of these professional contractors say the work he did with one hand is as good as they've seen.

"There's guys coming over in the evening, there's people here on the weekends," Tarver says. "We shouldn't let guys like that have to pick up another nail when there's something we can be doing to help him."

A retired contractor, Joe Smith, who is helping out adds, "We've got guys driving 75, 80 miles a day, one way, to come down from Denver to drive a few nails and pull some wire."

"What we do here is only a minute fraction of what they've give to us." says Adrian Miera, state president of the Warrior Brotherhood, a veteran motorcycle club that's along for the ride on this project.

"He's got to take care of himself and his family, and he's already made a sacrifice for the country so we'll finish this (the project) up for him," says Tarver.

So until the big surprise, the work continues.

News First 5 will have the full story of this soldier and his family when he returns home and sees the surprise.

There's still a long way to go to finish up though, and all help is appreciated. If you would like to get involved in saying thanks, contact Adrian Miera. He can be reached at (719) 248-4941.

You can also find more information by visiting this site if you click here.



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