Aug 4, 2010 8:41 PM by James Jarman & Bill Folsom

UPDATE: Little girl may have been buried alive

The biological mother of the 9 year old murder victim says she thinks Sims is lying.  Jopetia Garretson tells NF5 she believes Sims had more to do with their daughter's death than he told investigators.

She thinks both Sims and Lynch should be charged with 1st degree murder.

-------------------PREVIOUS UPDATE Little girl may have been buried alive-----------

On another day of questioning, Sheriff's investigators say Sims gave additional details in the death of his daughter.

According to the arrest warrant, Sims told investigators, when he returned home he found Genesis, 9, and Monique Lynch in the bathroom, "Lynch was yelling at Genesis, telling her to 'get her ass up and quit faking.'"

Hanif says he picked up Genesis and took her to the bed and gave her mouth to mouth.  He says she was breathing, but it was shallow.

Sims says Lynch did not want to call 911 because she had a warrant for her arrest and was pregnant with another child and did not want to go to jail.  Sims told investigators he thinks his daughter would have lived if she'd received medical attention.

Perhaps most shocking, Sims told investigators that Lynch stayed in a bedroom with "a shallow breathing Genesis Sims for two days."  Then Lynch put Genesis in a burlap bag and put that bag into a black trash bag.

Sims and Lynch then buried the bag in a crawl space beneath the Monument home they were living in. 

It does not appear from the arrest warrant information that Sims ever checked to see if his daughter was still breathing when Lynch put her body in the bags.

The arrest warrant states: "Hanif Sims never provided that the victim stopped her shallow breathing prior to being placed in the bag and buried."

---------------PREVIOUS UPDATE Sims thinks Lynch killed his daughter---------------

First degree murder is now part of the charges for one of the people accused of killing nine year old Genesis Sims whose body was found in the crawl space of a rental home in Monument. The father of the little girl, Hanif Sims and his girlfriend Monique Lynch appeared in and El Paso County court Wednesday morning.

During the hearing the case for Monique Lynch was transferred from District 10 court to District 16 because the case now involves a first degree murder charge. There are three other charges including, child abuse knowingly and recklessly causing death, tampering with physical evidence, and concealing evidence.

Sims does not have a first degree murder charge. He is facing the other three charges. Because the cases are parallel his case is moving to District 16.

The little girl's body was found in the crawl space back in May. After a long search Sims and Lynch were arrested last month in Henderson, Nevada.

According to the arrest warrant, Hanif Sims told El Paso County Sheriff's investigators his daughter soiled herself and Monique Lynch "became upset and began beating her with a belt.

Sims went on to say Monique took Genesis to the bathroom upstairs to clean her up, while Hanif left to go get cigarettes.  When he came home about a half hour later he found Monique in the bathroom with Genesis and Genesis appeared to be dead in the bathtub.

From the arrest warrant during Sims's interview with investigators: "Hanif Sims became very emotional and his voice faded.  When asked if he though that Monique Lynch was responsible for Genesis Sims death he hung his head nodded vertically and stated "yes"."


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