Mar 7, 2013 12:09 AM by Matt Stafford

Small knives soon to be allowed on a flight with you

It's not in for a landing just yet, but come April 25th new rules are coming to a TSA security checkpoint near you. That includes allowing pocket knives on as carry-ons during flights.

There are limits; the knife can't be longer than six centimeters, or wider than half an inch. Also, the blade can't lock into place.

"That's new," says traveler Reginald Johnson, who hadn't heard the news. "I'm surprised."

"I'm not a big fan of it," said Bruce Marquardt, who was aware. " I don't think it's something they ought to be carrying."

The Transportation Safety Administration's top boss calls it a move to free up officers to look for larger threats -- like explosives.

"We don't want these small knives, pocket knives, or the sporting equipment, to be a distraction," says Administrator John Pistole.

One group of people is extremely concerned, and they fly more than just about anyone else -- flight attendants.

"We believe this is a slippery slope," said Veda Shook, president of the Association of Flight Attendants. "What will be the next weapon that can come on board?"

However, there's more you'll be able to carry on because of these upcoming rule changes; sporting equipment, like a hockey stick or two golf clubs.

"Those kinds of things don't even hardly fit in the overhead," Marquardt points out.

News 5 stopped by the gift shop at the Colorado Springs Airport. They have a lot of souvenirs for sale; the manager says they haven't traditionally sold pocket knives because they haven't been allowed through security. He says there hasn't been any talk of adding souvenir pocket knives to their stock with the upcoming changes.

Concerned or not, the changes won't keep Johnson from flying.

"They're the experts so if they're changing the rules, it must be for a reason," said Johnson.

Other threats are out there. So far this week, according to their website, TSA agents have stopped 17 loaded guns from making it onto planes.

For more on the changes to the TSA's Prohibited Items List, click here.


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