May 3, 2010 12:48 PM by Jamie Smith

Smokers find high in chemically-laced incense

Some countries have already banned this substance, because they're afraid of the health effects. In the United States it remains legal because it's sold as an incense.

It's not marijuana, but it looks very similar, and have been called names such as Pep Spice, Diamond Spice, and Diesel Spice. Distributors market it as incense, usually with the words "not for human consumption". But apparently lots of folks know if you smoke it, you'll get high. In fact many say the high from these chemically-laced herbs is stronger than pot.

Denise Everett of Quest counseling says some of her clients smoke spice since it doesn't show on drug tests. "I'm just concerned about a product none of us knows how to trace or what's in it," she said.

Last month Kansas became the first state to ban it, and a few other states say that they might follow.




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