Jun 7, 2010 4:24 AM by John Romero

Snow melt raising Arkansas River levels

As the weather heats up in Fremont County, the Arkansas River has gotten noticeably bigger and more powerful. "There's a lot more debris than we've seen in a while." says Canon City resident Dawn Cotter.

While residents are used to the summer flooding, they say this year may be a little more concerning than in years past. "Two days ago we were out at the kayak course and it was probably a good two to two and a half feet lower than it is right now." explains Cotter who walks her dog along the Arkansas daily.

It's been so powerful in fact, some areas have overflowed. "There's really high water and a lot of debris going down the river." explains Cotter's daughter Trish, "Some of the path down there is covered up pretty high." Part of the trail at John Griffin Park has flooded over and some areas are now knee deep in water. "Last year it got really high, but I didn't notice the paths being covered last year." says Dawn. As the weather continues to heat up more water is expected to come down from the mountains. That may leave the paths at Griffin looking more like a water park than a walking trail.



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