Nov 29, 2010 8:45 PM by Matt Stafford

Snow worries searchers for missing Manitou mom

Cold weather and snow, blowing in Sunday night, put a new sense of urgency in the search for a missing Manitou Springs mother of two.

33-year-old Mindy Lynn Lee went missing Friday evening. Police say, after interviews, they believe she got out of a truck near Woodland Park High School, with no shoes, and ran away.

Now Lee's family is doing all they can to bring her home.

"I'm going on no sleep," says Jay Cribbs, Mindy's father; but he's not slowing down -- the falling snow is making him too nervous.

"I hope it doesn't hide anything, or cover anything up."

The turn in the weather isn't what investigators hoped for either.

"The longer it goes, the more we're worried because she hasn't been found yet," says Sgt. James Halloran with the Woodland Park Police Department.

However, while Cribbs searches part of Trout Creek Road -- and as much of Teller County he can get to -- police are narrowing their search.

"That's the information that we have; that she got out of the car on her own and ran away, and the people tried to find her," says Sgt. Halloran, but adds she may have gone a different direction than some searchers were looking.

"Indications are that she didn't go towards the woods, she went towards the city."

That update was news to Cribbs, but with different stories on Lee's disappearance, he's not ready to rule out anywhere.

"To me it's still suspicious," says Cribbs.

That's because the friends Lee was with Friday told her family they took her to the local hospital, but didn't tell the police that and the hospital has no record of her visit. Then the family heard she ran off near Woodland Park High School.

Police say they've looked into the stories and believe that she ran away near Woodland Park High School.

Cribbs is looking into any information he gets, conflicting or not.

"That's all we have to go on," exclaims Cribbs.

A bloodhound from Teller County Search and Rescue searched the area near the high school and didn't find anything. Lee's family wonders why more resources haven't been called out, but police say they haven't gotten a good enough lead to call them in yet.

"That's all we used because we didn't have a definite search area to call for additional people," explains Sgt. Halloran.

Cribbs is using his own dog to help, a 3-year-old Saint Bernard.

"She'll smell Mindy from a mile away and go running to her," says Cribbs.

He's trying anything that might bring Mindy home.

Mindy Lynn Lee is described as 5'3", with blonde hair and green eyes. If you have any information as to her whereabouts, please call the Woodland Park Police Department at (719) 687-9262.



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