Oct 1, 2011 4:55 PM by Matt Stafford

Soldier needs help recovering lost family history

After a 20-plus year career in the Army, a woman is looking back to where the military life began for her -- Colorado Springs -- and most importantly looking for two boxes she left behind. She's hoping someone can help her find them.

"It's surprising to see how little you have when you come somewhere," says Ryan, telling her story to News 5.

Ryan immigrated to America in the 1980s with her husband at the time. Those two boxes contained everything she owned at the time.

"There's some memorabilia in there from Holland; I know that," says Ryan, recalling the contents of the boxes that she remembers. "The ring that my father gave my mother when I was born."

"My very first teddy bear; which would be 47 years old right about now," adds Ryan.

Ryan and her then-husband got to Colorado Springs in 1986, but Ryan says the marriage fell apart soon after. She hit hard times shortly after; that's when she joined the Army.

Ryan had to go to basic training, but she didn't know what to with her boxes in the mean time. A friend of a friend said they could help.

"I knew her for probably a couple weeks, and I mentioned to her that I was leaving for basic training and I had to do something with my stuff," recalls Ryan. "She suggested that I leave it with her parents."

"I barely knew them and I was incredibly grateful that they were kind enough to let me do that."

Ryan says she thinks the woman's name was Marnie, but she isn't sure. The woman's parents lived just east of Colorado Springs. Other than those few details, Ryan's memory is blank. She lost the name and address during a move years ago, but Ryan thinks "Marnie" might still be in Colorado Springs.

Ryan now lives in El Paso, Texas.

"Being a first line immigrant into the U.S.; it's part of my past, it's part of who I am, and it's something that I would like to pass on to my children so we can start our own traditions and so they can pass it on to their children," says Ryan.

After 25 years she knows its wishful thinking, but Ryan's hoping someone knows something about those boxes.

If you know anything about Ryan's boxes, please let us know by clicking here.


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