Oct 29, 2012 7:43 PM by Lacey Steele

Some Pueblo County neighbors in Vineland angry over trash on private property they say looks like a landfill

A group of neighbors in Pueblo County say a property in Vineland has been trashy for far too long.

We wanted a look for ourselves, so we headed out there earlier today.

Here's what we found.

It's a home some neighbors say has been an eyesore for decades.

"Twenty years ago they had trailer houses full of books and papers and what all," said an anonymous neighbor.

Things only got worse in the past couple of years with the death of the homeowner and the renting of the property.

"Tore the trailer houses down to the ground to sell the tin or whatever was in there, and the papers are all over however many acres that is," said a neighbor.

Neighbors say it goes beyond your typical pile of trash.

"It makes it look like we're the county junk yard, trash yard, garbage bin," said a neighbor. "Our property value has got to be totally wrecked."

Several agencies have gotten involved.

"They have the sheriff's department over there all the time," said a neighbor.

They've been called out several times for criminal issues, but they say the trash heap is more of a Health Department issue because it's not a criminal case.

Some homes downhill from the property use well water.

"All that stuff is seeping into the ground, and like I said, I have no idea exactly what was in those trailers, but you can tell it's waste," said a neighbor.

Plus many neighbors have children, horses, and pets.

"You know, I don't want them getting disease by being bitten by anything that's hiding," said a neighbor. "You know everything is hiding over there. Skunks and everything."

Health inspectors gave a notice of violation and recently turned it over to District Attorney Bill Thiebaut.

He says this case can be a lengthy process but promises it will be settled and cleaned up.

Chad Wolgram with Enivronmental Health at the Health Department says finding those responsible for property owned by a trust like this one can be difficult, which also made the process a little longer.

They say they're continuing to work with the District Attorney to get charges pressed and have this case solved.



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