Sep 4, 2012 6:32 PM by Lacey Steele

Some Pueblo schools start late due to heat, but it's still here! When will it be cool?

The heat is on, big time!

Record setting heat in the Springs this summer and near record heat in Pueblo.

We've been hoping to catch a break now that we've turned the calendar to September, but no such luck, not yet anyway.

We found out more about breaking records and cooler times ahead.

Everyone and everything is feeling it, from your skin to your home or car.

"There are a lot of things that if you leave them in your car or on your dashboard, you are taking a big gamble that that it's going to be in the same condition it was when you come back to look at it a few minutes later," said Craig Eliot, News 5 Meteorologist.

The second hottest summer recorded in Pueblo, and the hottest ever in Colorado Springs!

"We ended last year with school kids sitting in really, really hot classrooms," said Eliot. "They're going back to school with kids in very hot classrooms."

Many kids are just now back at school after Pueblo City Schools decided to start them later because of the summer heat.

"Only about 50% of our indoor space in Pueblo City schools is air conditioned or cooled," said Greg Sinn, Communications for District 60.

But they're taking advantage of the cooler nights.

"As hot as it gets in the afternoon here, compared to other parts of the country where it doesn't cool off very much, we have the luxury of okay it gets very hot in the afternoon, but we get some very substantial cooling at night," said Eliot.

"It was cool last night," said Sinn. "Some of the buildings were open early in the morning to let in that cool air."

Plus they have a lot of fans if needed, all for their health and their education.

"The heat has a tremendous impact not only on students' ability to focus and stay on task, it impacts our teaching staff as well," said Sinn.

The good news is cooler air is on the way in the next few weeks, but then we'll have to wait and see if temps go from one extreme to another.

"A lot of folks are hoping that we actually have a fall season, where we get some cooler weather for a prolonged period of time," said Eliot.

But it is good news, there is some relief in sight.

The schools that started back late will be getting out of school next year on June 6, so hopefully they will have more cool nights then.

If next year is anything like 2012, early June will be around 93.



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