Feb 25, 2013 9:46 AM by Marissa Torres

Some still at high risk for flu

The nations nasty flu season may be tapering off, but it's still a threat. The Centers for Disease control says flu activity has died down in the southeast but is still at a high level in the western states, that means seniors and infants are still at risk for contracting the virus.

Health officials in Southern Colorado say they are seeing less influenza B cases.
but a slight rise with influenza A.

Doctors with Southern Colorado Clinic say its been one of the worst flu seasons they've had in years.

"Definitely this seasons has lasted longer, you're probably aware of that," says Dr. Scott DeRuiter of Southern Colorado Clinic.

" We've seen this year a little more pneumonia than usual, tied into secondary complications from the flu."

Dr. DeRuiter says at risk groups like seniors and infants may still want to consider the flu shot even though the flu season is nearing an end.

If you feel flu symptoms coming on, he recommends 6 to 8-hundred mg of Motrin for adults. If symptoms progress- you'll want to head to urgent care.




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