Apr 9, 2013 8:25 PM by Andy Koen

Space Foundation enshrines inflatable satellite system

COLORADO SPRINGS - When Mother Nature is at her worst, communications systems are often at risk. So, to keep phone and data lines open after a natural disaster, the company GATR Technologies uses systems that are far out of the reach of bad weather - in space.

Their Ground Antenna Transmit and Receive (GATR) device is a portable, inflatable satellite uplink that assembles in less than an hour. The system was enshrined in the Space Foundation Space Technology Hall of Fame Monday and is currently on display at the 2013 National Space Symposium.

Company President Paul Gierow said their systems were put to used following Hurricanes Katrina, Ike and the Alabama tornadoes of 2011.

"When there's no communications or anything. and we come in and we set up a wireless cloud, set the antennae up, set up a wi-fi cloud, people can access the internet, make phone calls things like that," Gierow said.

The satellite unit that is currenlty on display at the symposium will soon be set up for demonstrations at the Space Foundation offices in Colorado Springs.


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