Dec 2, 2013 6:51 PM by Matt Prichard

Space heater danger

It's no joke, space heaters can cause major headaches during the colder months. But knowing what can go wrong will keep you warm and safe.

"Well first off, the concern with space heaters is when you leave the house or go to sleep, you don't turn them off. It's crucial, and probably the biggest rule to remember is no shut them off whenever you aren't around them," said Home Depot Asst. Store Manager, Logan Fellhauer. 

Sounds simple but the threat is still there when you're in the room. Which is why giving that heater space is tip number two.

"Make sure you always have a three-foot safe zone around your heater, and this is the time of year where people start putting them under their desks, and things like that so make sure there's clearance around that heater," said Colorado Springs Fire Department representative, Jane Zook.

And finally know what you're buying, is the heater going to keep your toes warm? Or burn the house down in the process.

"It'll say UL or UTL on the label. Those are research laboratories that are independent, that test to make sure these products are safe for the consumer, and that they do what they're supposed to do," said Fellhauer.

The main thing here is common sense, if you think it'll start a fire you're probably right.



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