Nov 14, 2013 9:09 PM by Matt Prichard

Speed drops on I-25

The Department of Transportation has added a new piece to the puzzle that could slow your drive a little more.

"We looked at our notes, and kind of scratched our heads and thought, yeah that's not a bad idea. So we went through the process to change the speed limit," said CDOT representative, Wayne Pittman.

When you hit a stretch of the interstate near the interquest exit, there's a temporary curve to manuever causing CDOT to drop speeds down to 55 miles an hour.

"Just getting people to pay attention to the signs and drive a little slower for a mile, it probably makes a two second difference on their commute," said Pittman.

But time may not be the biggest worry on the minds of local drivers.

"People fear getting pulled over and getting a double fine traffic ticket, and so people are going to slow down more than they need to, causing more congestion," said Colorado Springs resident, Elizabeth Reed.

"They're hitting their brakes, there's a lot of dangerous congestion going on. And people are just trying to cram in and out of there," said Colorado Springs resident, Louie Duran.

And then comes the question of how that added traffic will affect the surface streets around the construction zone.

"I mean you look at traffic right now, it's moving, it's going 65, they're going to drop it to 55. It's not going to make that big of a difference for the mile that we're impacting," said Pittman.

Crews hope to have northbound traffic up to three lanes by mid-December, and the southbound side closer to Christmas.


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