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Feb 14, 2013 12:46 PM by Marissa Torres

Spice up your Valentine's Day and save your marriage

Save your marriage and spice up your valentines day? Both are possible with hormone replacement therapy.

"I can honestly say I've probably saved about 5 marriages already."

It's not magic. It's a pill. Dr. Robert Motazedi swears by hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets. The daily dose gives men and women an added boost of estrogen and testosterone.

"You've heard the term grumpier old men, well that occurs from the lack of testosterone. They get moody, they get angry and depressed and they won't want to do anything."

Duane McCall is one of those men who noticed big changes in his body once he hit 50. He got on the treatment plan after his wife learned about it.

"You feel 15 years younger in everything you do... you start putting on muscles where you've lost. So it's a gradual process and you settle in, where you just a better feeling about yourself."

Before you can improve a relationship, you have to help yourself. Dr. Motazedi says the added treatment will deliver more energy and a better mood, which can only help you and your special someone.

Anyone over 50 is a candidate and there are side effects like acne and hair loss.


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