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Jun 24, 2013 2:48 PM by Marissa Torres

Sports drink for diabetic children

Gatorade or Powerade are common go-to beverages to stay hydrated for kids who play sports, but for children with some forms of diabetes, they're just not an option.

That's why one dad took matters into his own hands. Peter Andoni is a father who's son Alex was diagnosed at the age of seven with Type One Diabetes.

It meant big changes for Alex- who uses an insulin pump and needles to test his blood sugar as many as 8 times a day - and it means having to say no to sugary drinks kids love.

So Alex's dad got busy creating a solution: Twisted water and Wow water - a sort of healthy Gatorade that tastes good and is diabetic friendly.

"We have vitamins and electrolytes but what we've really done is take out the harmful products."

A project that began with a father's love for his son may turn out to be the country's next big thing in bottled water. The Andoni family is donating a percentage of profits to research for a cure and to reduce the pain that goes with daily blood level testing.



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