Oct 4, 2010 6:24 PM by Matt Stafford, Jeannette Hynes

Police still investigating Craigslist posting for baby

Colorado Springs Police are still investigating a disturbing postingad on the website Craigslist.  The ad was trying to give away a newborn baby. Police discovered it Friday from worried callers, saying the ad said the baby would be put into a nearby dumpster. Officers began combing Craigslist for clues. Friday night they began checking near University Drive and Temple Street.

"They tried to cover the areas that were mentioned in the ad," explains Sgt. Mark Stevens with C.S.P.D., but no baby turned up.

Police didn't find who placed the posting, but they found out where the posting came from.

"We think that it was probably a wireless internet connection that was used by somebody else," says Sgt. Stevens.

It's a start, but they still haven't found the baby.

Saturday morning, Springs Police told News First 5 that the situation was a hoax, but later that afternoon they said it was an on-going investigation.

In the ad, the mother's plea was desperate, even using that word to ask someone to take her baby. Police want her, and other parents in a similar spot, to know they always have a place to turn.

Colorado's Safe Haven Law lets a parent leave their child, within 72 hours of birth, at a fire station or hospital.

"They can turn the child in there and not be charged any kind of abuse," says Sgt. Stevens.

In this kind of a situation, like the one described in the Craigslist ad, punishment is not the first thing on the mind of law enforcement.

"The whole point is to make sure that the baby is okay, and that the baby has a chance at life," says Stevens.

With no baby found or concrete information that the ad wasn't true, police say the investigation is continuing.

"No way to discount it until we know for sure," Sgt. Stevens says.

For more information on Colorado's Safe Haven Law, click here.


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