May 1, 2014 11:39 PM by Maddie Garrett

Springs Police Tackling Most Dangerous Intersections

What are the most dangerous intersections in Colorado Springs? Probably not a surprise to anyone, the five worst interchanges are all on I-25 and include Woodmen, Garden of the Gods, Fillmore, Cimarron, and S. Nevada.

Colorado Springs Police are tackling these five spots by making themselves more visible that the locations and getting the word out through social media to encourage drivers to pay attention when behind the wheel.

"We rank them based on the frequency of the accident and the nature of the accident," said Lt. Brian Ritz, with CSPD Specialized Enforcement.

It's not just speeders and fender benders that make these intersections troublesome, it's accidents where someone is hurt or killed. Lt. Ritz said those five interchanges have a lot of traffic that gets choked up at those points.

"Whether it's raining, sunshine, doesn't matter, I've seen at least three or four accidents between here and Cimarron almost every other day," said driver Krystal Meighen at a gas station off of Garden of the Gods.

Krystal's not alone, many people would name at least one of these spots as the worst intersections in the Springs.

"This one especially doesn't surprise me, it gets so congested and backed up," said Jason Jones of Garden of the Gods and I-25.

But if no one is surprised by these dangerous intersections, then why do they continue to be a problem?

"We know there's a problem, the public knows these areas are problems too, but some people don't change their driving habits when they enter these areas," said Lt. Ritz.

Ritz explained that the blame can't be put on the roads or the interchange designs, it's on the drivers themselves.

"A lot of our problems come from distracted driving," he answered.

CSPD is tackling the dangerous intersections in two ways. The first is with more visible officers at the five spots.

"You see a lot of them will do what's called team deployment, where I'll have a supervisor and multiple officers go work and they'll go work this intersection hard," said Lt. Ritz.

The second step is getting the word out through social media that they're out there and encouraging people to pay attention when driving.

"If we get people to start thinking about when they're in a car as the driver, they're number one priority is to drive the car, we could reduce distracted driving," Lt. Ritz said.

CSPD will even alert the public when they're doing a hard push at one of these intersections, by making announcements on social media sites. You can follow CSPD here:
Facebook: Colorado Springs Police Department
Twitter: @CSPDPIO



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