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Aug 8, 2013 10:54 PM by Eric Ross

Stalking case dismissed against former Fountain police officer

Although charges have been dropped, a former Fountain police officer says his arrest ruined his life.

In May, Officer Daniel Barkus was arrested in Manitou Springs after allegedly making threats against his ex-girlfriend's new husband. According to an arrest affidavit, Barkus allegedly told his ex that he was going to kill her new lover.

The case was eventually dismissed and Barkus was cleared from any wrongdoing.

It's a tale meant for Hollywood television. It started when Amanda Adkins-Anderson, the star of the reality show "Prospectors," began dating Daniel Barkus, a co-star who was also a Fountain police officer. The relationship eventually went sour after Barkus suspected his girlfriend was more interested in Travis, another co-star.

"I still wanted to fight for our family and our relationship and I thought the best way would possibly be to go talk to him (Travis) and see what's going on because I wasn't getting the truth from her," Barkus said.

On a hot May night, Barkus went to a mining claim where Adkins-Anderson and her new lover, Travis were staying.

"I wanted to talk to him about what's going on and I know that the ring she was wearing was was potentially his," Barkus said. "I wanted to know if they were married, if they weren't married. I wanted to know what was going on. He (Travis) chose not to talk to me he said he did not want to talk to me so I said, 'Okay, you don't want to talk, I'll leave.'"

Barkus claimed he got in his car and left. On the way down a hill, he said he received a call back from Amanda.

"She called again and said, 'I really need your help, I need you to come back.' She said her vehicle was possibly broke down or had a flat tire."

Amanda denies making that phone call.

News 5 asked, "Mr. Barkus had no reason to be up there that night? He was not invited by you guys?"

"Oh no," Amanda said. "Daniel had no reason to be up there that night at all. He was not invited by us. In fact when he called and told me he was going up there, I said, ‘Absolutely not.'"

Amanda goes on to say Travis was no longer her new boyfriend, the were now married. She said Daniel was the one who ended his relationship with her prior to the marriage.

On the night in question, the three began arguing. Eventually, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office was called.

"While I was arguing with Daniel, Travis called the cops," Amanda said.

Daniel said he left the scene before the altercation could heat up and had no idea deputies were on their way until he was already down the hill.

"I saw five patrol cars and I immediately said, 'Oh my gosh, you called the cops.''

At the time, the sheriff's office said they had enough evidence to arrest Barkus on a felony stalking charge because he came back to the location after he was asked to leave. He was placed in the back of a squad car and booked into CJC.

News 5 learned that after Barkus was arrested, Amanda had bailed him out. We asked why.

"We (Travis and I) didn't feel like it was anything that Daniel needed to sit in jail over and we told the cops that night not to arrest him because he is a police officer and this could affect his career," Amanda said.

It was too late. Word of his arrest had gotten out, and Daniel knew his career with the Fountain Police Department was on hold. He was placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation was complete.

"At the time police arrested him, we asked them not to arrest him and that we're not pressing charges," Amanda said.

The case was thrown out of court. Barkus is now a free man with no criminal record, but he says the negative publicity tarnished his reputation.

"Embarrassed, I told the chief that I'd resign," Daniel said. "You know, I didn't want this to reflect bad on the department. I don't live in my house. I don't have my job. Now I have to move forward and it might not be in law enforcement anymore and that's what can really get to you."

News 5 asked Amanda what they thought about the impact this case had.

"That (the entire situation) hurts my feelings that it has hurt his reputation and ours," Amanda said. "We didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve this. We can't figure out why he did it. It has hurt us both. It hurt Daniel. It hurt Travis and I just having to deal with this."

If Barkus had the chance to redo things that night, he says he never would have gone back up that hill.

"I think back to the relationship and ask if it was worth trying to fight for it at that time," Barkus said. "This was a learning experience. Things happen when sometimes it's matters involving the heart."

Since the case was dismissed, Barkus says he has not had any contact with Amanda or Travis. He's still looking for a career in law enforcement, but it uncertain whether he'll be able to re-enter that field because of the embarrassment this incident has caused.



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