Jun 26, 2011 7:30 PM by John Romero

State mmj shops get new regulations this week

A landmark week is ahead for the medical marijuana industry in Colorado. On July 1st new state regulations, the toughest in the country, will officially go in to effect. Scott Saunders, who owns Natural Leaf in Colorado Springs, says he welcomes the regulation for legitimacy. "Regulations absolutely will provide legitimacy and a level playing field for us in this industry." he says.

The regulations affect everything from security systems to seed to sales tracking. Saunders says the seed to sales regulation is something that may not be easy at first for store owners to get used to. "Some of the plant tracking that they want us to do, the tagging of the plants, the identifying of the plants with each patient. There are a lot of very very fine details in all of that." says Saunders.

Another controversial regulation is the so-called 70-30 rule which states dispensaries must grow 70% of the marijuana they sell. "You could have a problem with your grow and if the state's not flexible and the regulators aren't flexible you're out of business." explains Saunders, "That's a sad state."

Saunders' ultimate hope is that the state will work with regulators and shop owners to see problems with certain regulations and change them to help all involved. "I hope that they take those rules and regulations and see the challenges and help us in making them proper." he says, "Make them so that they can deal with them and we can deal with them."



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