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Jul 17, 2013 8:12 AM by Stephen Bowers

Stay dry and warming up for Wednesday

The dry period that began yesterday will continue today, and the same can be said for the warming trend that started yesterday.

Two elements are needed for rain for form: water vapor (moisture) and rising air. Moisture is mainly limited to the lowest layers of the atmosphere near the ground. Dew point temperatures are in the 50's, representing a fair amount of water vapor in the air. Well above the ground, however, the moisture content is quite low. Rising motion will also be limited today because high pressure will slide westward from the east, which will actually bring sinking air rather than the rising air we need for rain. The upslope breeze that develops will help provide some rising motion in the atmosphere, but with the limited moisture that means only a stray shower or two is possible. Even that is likely to be limited to the mountains west of I-25.

Temperatures will warm into the lower-to-middle 80's on the Palmer Divide with upper 80's for most areas along and south of the Arkansas River.


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